Superb Buying Experience

Roz and Wayne were new to Burnie and needed someone to help them find a home. Jenayah and the team at Hampton Peters know the area so well that they offered to help Roz and Wayne free of charge. They really spent the time with Roz and Wayne to help them find their dream home. With Hampton Peters focus on matching the right buyers for your home it means you always have the best chance at selling for a great price. Thank you for sharing your story Roz and Wayne.

We bought our house in Montello in Burnie, Tasmania. We first contacted Jenayah before we came to Tasmania and we were so impressed with how quick she was in getting back to us and giving us personal attention. She also talked about the homes that we had seen on the internet and her listings.

We took the ferry over to Tasmania and we came right over here to this area and got a hold of Jenayah and she had things lined up for us to see and she gave us great attention with the stuff we wanted to see. Even before we came to Tasmania, she had her team looking for houses for us. And she took the time to find out what we were interested in.

When I talked to Jenayah, she had several houses for us to look at and we went and looked at them. We drove by a couple of them, kind of eliminated them and so nearing the end of the week, this was all done in about a week’s time, she said, “Hey, there’s a house. It’s dropped in price. It’s right in the area that you’re looking for. Peter’s over there right now, showing it to another couple and so you can go over there and have a look.”

Superb Buying ExperienceWe wanted to look at it right away so when we came here, we were actually first here and we met Peter and the other couple did come in so there were both of us looking around. After we left, I told Jenayah, “Yeah, let’s go to the office,” because we wanted to make an offer on the house. I knew that you really needed to act on something that had a price reduction like that so we were right on it.

I believe the price had originally started out at about $285,000 but it had dropped down to $230,000. So she told us the strategy and we offered actually over the asking price and then we beat the other couple and offered like $231,657 or something like that.

We had looked at a lot of different properties with several different agents, I think probably maybe six different agents within just this area alone. Some of the other agents, I would say probably all the other agents that we talked to, they would show us these houses and then that would be it. With Jenayah, there was more discussion involved and follow up and that we really appreciated. She also took the time to explain how things worked and we felt really confident and comfortable with the process.

We definitely recommended Jenayah. We’ve had two friends that have put their houses on the market and we told them about our experience working with her and I think both of them listed with her. I know one of them has sold and I think one of them is still on the market or just went on recently.

I like to buy things from agents whose personality are great and she was just vivacious and happy and showing us through the process and asking us questions about fixer uppers that we thought about or houses where we didn’t have to do anything about. She asked all the good questions because we really didn’t know ourselves exactly how much work we wanted to put into a property. If there was ever a day that we decided to sell our house, we would only go with Jenayah.