Stress Free Selling

Susan and Peter had been thinking of selling for some time but the right opportunity had never come knocking on their door. Until the team at Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie literally knocked on their door and started chatting about selling. Next thing you know Susan had sold for a great price, quietly and without any advertising or promotion. To find out how Susan got such a great price please read the full story below. Thank you Susan for sharing your story so that others can learn from your experience.



My name is Susan Everett and we sold with Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie. Over a period of time, we had been thinking to put our property on the market but hadn’t come to a decision. A lady from the office where she worked called and we had a bit of a chat. The next thing, Jenayah is sitting in our kitchen, talking to us about selling the property.

Leading up to the time when we put our house on the market, I had been researching property sales in the area and that sort of thing. So, I had a rough idea of what we’d probably get for it. It was just making a decision when would be the best time to sell. And the opportunity arose.

When Jenayah came and saw us, she instilled in us some confidence that she would be able to sell the property and she was willing to listen to what we had to say in terms of we weren’t interested in people trudging through the house every hour of the day. We wanted a quarter approach and she was able to say least for a trial period and wouldn’t even bother advertising. So, that gave us a bit of confidence to think she would probably look after us and our interests and get the house sold.

Stress Free SellingThe property wasn’t advertised. I think that was helpful to the buyer because it put the property on the edge. It hadn’t been exposed to the market. No one else had seen it. For the particular buyer that bought our property, it was probably the one he was looking for but he didn’t know it. From my knowledge, Jenayah had been helping this person that was looking for a property over a period of time. She seemed to know what he was after and when she saw our property, she thought he probably would be interested in it.

The fact that Hampton Peters wouldn’t charge advertising for selling your property, I think will continue to be appealing to me but also other people in the area would find that a reason to go to that agency.                                      

No photos were taken of the property. There was an inspection where the whole team went through and assessed what they thought the property would go on the market for.

I was happy with the price that we were given because it showed a range and what I’d done previous to that was actually researched what houses in this area were selling for. I had a bit of an idea and then the people that assessed the property affirmed what probable price we would get.

Once we signed the contract or we were just heading up to sign the contract, I felt the price that we got was a reasonably good one, in the current market. I think Jenayah handled herself very well and she followed us up, every step of the way. She kept in communication with us so we were informed in terms of what the buyer actually first initially offered and then she began the process of negotiating, which we were really impressed. The buyer started at the lowest price, of course, $250,000. Then Jenayah began the process of negotiating the price because she knew where we were heading. They’ve got a network of people that are interested in a house.

I felt Jenayah, at all times was working for us and I believe that she did her level best to actually negotiate a really good price for us. When we put the property on the market, I had already looked at different properties in the area to see what price they were asking. We got the top end of what a house in this area would get. I’d suggest, anyone that was putting their house on the market would take Jenayah’s approach to selling because it’s no-hassle and stress-free.