Get the right price for your home with the right agent

Janet’s home of 25 years had been on the market for 3 months before she met Peter. She decided to change agents and try a different approach in selling her home. Unlike the other agents, Peter was just honest and upfront from the very start. Janet was impressed with Peter’s unique approach but she was particularly happy that Peter sold the personal aspects of her house, he knew what it meant for Janet and her family. In the end, Peter sold the property to people who offered the right price and it was definitely higher than what the previous agents told her she could achieve. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.

My name is Janet Downs. The thought of selling my home of 25 years was daunting. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done and one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Before I signed Peter, I interviewed maybe four or five real estate agents. I didn’t like the way they were a little pushy. I did have my property on the market with another agent for three months. He was pushy. People would come through, and I got a lot of negative feedback. That was disheartening because I’ve had sat on the market with the other real estate.

Peter explained all that to me straight up. It’s gonna be a little harder for me to sell this property, but we will just approach it in a different way and try and sell it a little differently to the way the other real estate had done.

So, I knew all that and his photos came back and the video, it was different to the other one. The way he sold it to people, and when he walked around with other people, his sale was different. How he sold the property when they were there was a lot better than what I’ve had previously in the other agencies.

I think he was able to get a better price because of the way he approached it. He sold, I guess the personal aspects of it all because people would walk in and see what’s on the wall, but he would just explain to them it was black wood, you know, double brick, and how the things were, personal things, just the things that matter.

People got to know the property and the people that lived in it. And how to sell it because he knew what it meant to us. So, he knew what the kind of people and the family that we wanted to sell it to, and who would appreciate it the way we did.

Peter told me a figure. It was exactly what I wanted. I would like to have got a little bit more, but I understood from research that what I would be getting. So, when I did sell, Peter worked really hard to make sure that I got the best possible figure that I could, and I got that.

He worked a little bit harder and got me a little bit more. Peter was able to find me a couple of people that were willing to offer the right price. It was more than what the previous agent told me I would get. The price was more.