Reliable Real Estate Agents Matter

Danielle was disappointed with the lack of response from the other three agents she interviewed and ended up having to chasing them. Jenayah from Hampton Peters gave her a completely different experience. The team at Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie helped them get more than their asking price and it sold in 1 day! Danielle said ‘I believe Jenayah chose us as much as we chose her and she felt confident in selling our house’. Read below to uncover the whole story. Thank you Danielle for sharing you story so other can learn from your experience.

My name is Danielle King and the property I sold is in Upper Burnie with the help of Jenayah from Hampton Peters Burnie. We spoke to three other agents prior to choosing Hampton Peters Real Estate but I didn’t like the other agents’ lack of feedback.

Jenayah was really interested in selling our property. She got back to us even when I wasn’t expecting to hear from her. I guess she showed that she wanted to sell our property, whereas I lost other agents or I had to go chasing them to follow what they thought about our property. Whereas Jenayah was always there.

Many years prior Jenayah made herself known, when we were looking at finding someone to possibly sell our house few years ago and kept in contact all those years. I guess she created a friendship outside of that but also she kept coming back. Jenayah was really comfortable with letting us decide the price of our property. She wasn’t pushy with what she thought and she let us run with it which was really good and it gave us confidence. And in the end we ended up getting more than our asking price. So we were really happy with that.

Jenayah knew that there was a lot of interest in our property and she was confident in telling the potential buyers that and that secured us a really good price on our property. We were asking $250,000. The final selling price was $252,000. ” We didn’t expect an outcome like we got. It sold in one day.

Jenayah already had a great contact base. As we were doing the photography for the property, she was already calling a potential buyer. That buyer did put an offer in on the property but missed out, but that goes to show how great Jenayah’s database is. And it’s not really about her advertising to sell, she’s already got people in mind.

Reliable Real Estate Agents BurnieI believe Jenayah’s fees were really great in comparison. If we had issues selling our house due to wanting to list at a higher price, at least we could then pull out and go somewhere else. That didn’t end up happening anyway. Jenayah could charge whatever she wanted, I’d be happy for her to sell my property, no matter what cost. Other agents were just out to get your money.

I believe Jenayah chose us as much as we chose her and she felt confident in selling our house and what she could do for us like we were family in the end.

I don’t think we would have got the same result with another agent. I don’t think we would have bonded, therefore they would have been confident to sell our house for the price we wanted.

If we’re comparing to other properties in the area, we definitely got a great price for our property above what most get considering the other standards for the same bedrooms.

I have since referred a few friends to Jenayah, who have started to go through the process of looking for an agent to sell their house. And from my experience, I don’t think they would hesitate in using her also.