Making Dreams Come True

Julie sold her home for $30,000 more than she was expecting and in only 19 days. This outcome was possible because of Peters special ability to match the right buyers with the right home. Julie was kind enough to let us share her story so that others can learn from her experience when selling a home. Thank you Julie!

My name is Julie. The property we sold was in Penguin. The name of the agency is Hampton Peters. The name of the agent was Peter Bull. We liked Peter, he was upfront, he was honest. We were comfortable with him. Some real estate agents are very pushy, they avoid answering your questions, and you just do not feel comfortable with them. You need to go with a real estate agent that makes you feel comfortable.

Peter, bringing people through was very appealing to us because he was actually bringing people through that were interested in our property, true buyers, not people just wandering around having a look. He would spend time with the buyers and he was able to gauge their true interest, and whether or not the house was suitable for them. We would not have been comfortable with people just walking in and out of our house, and looking at our things.

The price that Peter gave us on the valuation was more than we expected that our house was worth, and the final selling price was actually more than we expected to get for it. We thought the price we would get would be around about $210,000, the final selling price was $240,000, which was absolutely awesome. The extra money we got from the sale of our house enabled us to afford that little bit more than what we were expecting, so that was just awesome.

If we hadn’t achieved the price we got for our house, we would never of been able to afford to move in to this place, which is our dream home. We were happy to pay a little bit more to have Hampton Peters sell our property because you get what you pay for.

It took our house 19 days to sell. We actually thought it would take a lot longer to sell our house, so 19 days was just awesome. The house sold so quickly because Peter is the right person to match the buyer to the house. He was very, very good at giving us the confidence that our house would sell for a good price, in a good time period. What we always wanted to do, Peter has enabled us to do, and now we’re living the dream.