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Get the right price for your home with the right agent

Janet’s home of 25 years had been on the market for 3 months before she met Peter. She decided to change agents and try a different approach in selling her home. Unlike the other agents, Peter was just honest and upfront from the very start.

Making Dreams Come True

Julie sold her home for $30,000 more than she was expecting and in only 19 days. This outcome was possible because of Peters special ability to match the right buyers with the right home. Julie was kind enough to let us share her story so that others can learn from her experience when selling a […]

Superb Buying Experience

Superb Buying Experience

Roz and Wayne were new to Burnie and needed someone to help them find a home. Jenayah and the team at Hampton Peters know the area so well that they offered to help Roz and Wayne free of charge. They really spent the time with Roz and Wayne to help them find their dream home.

Stress Free Selling

Stress Free Selling

Susan and Peter had been thinking of selling for some time but the right opportunity had never come knocking on their door. Until the team at Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie literally knocked on their door and started chatting about selling. Next thing you know Susan had sold for a great price..

Reliable Real Estate Agents Burnie

Reliable Real Estate Agents Matter

Danielle was disappointed with the lack of response from the other three agents she interviewed and ended up having to chasing them. Jenayah from Hampton Peters gave her a completely different experience. The team at Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie helped them get more than their asking price and it sold in 1 day!

sold in 4 days

3 agents in 3 years

Jennifer tried 3 different real estate agents over 3 years and could not sell her home. She then met Jenayah from Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie and her home was sold! The team at Hampton Peters were able to sell the home in 4 days for more..

sold above asking price

Above and beyond selling

Julie sold her home with Jenayah from Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie for over the advertised price. It was a challenging home to sell because it was one of the more expensive areas of Burnie.