Hampton Peters is the best choice Caz and Damo made

After talking to a few real estate agents, Caz and Damo got so worried that they were not going to get the price they wanted for their property. But Jenayah from Hampton Peters was confident she can get the best price and quoted $80,000 more than the other agents. In fact, she gave them a guarantee that if she couldn’t get that price, they don’t have to pay her anything at all. Caz and Damo were stoked when Jenayah sold their house for more than the listed price and in just 4 days. True to Jenayah’s promise, Caz and Damo were impressed with the excellent result and knew that Hampton Peters Real Estate was indeed the best choice they have ever made.

My name’s Caroline. And I’m Damo.

“The Hampton Peters Real Estate actually sold our house for us. And they’re the best choice we’ve ever made. Yep, definitely, by far.”

Selling the house was a pretty big decision, and we’d gone through a fair few real estate agents. We only had one buyer come to the house, to start with, and tried to undersell it by a massive amount. It was about $80,000 less than they wanted to actually market our house for, which obviously we weren’t happy with because we had a set price in mind.

The price of this place that we first got offered was high threes, which was hugely deflating.

And we knew the market; we had been watching houses for a while because we were thinking about selling. So, as soon as he left we kind of knew, no way. We could sell for way more. We were shocked. We were surprised when they quoted us the figure that they did.

I come in start ripping wallpaper off the wall thinking I’ve got to renovate more if that’s the price we’re getting. I was trying to calm him down like, settle down now. We weren’t happy but yeah. It spurred us on to get a bit more.

“Jenayah had come through the house and she took a team of agents through as well, and the price that she quoted to guarantee to get for our house was well above what the other agent had quoted, I think she had guaranteed us somewhere $80,000 more. Yeah, it was around $80,000 more.”

So if she had actually sold our house for any less we wouldn’t have had to pay any commission. So we were stoked with that.

We thought well we’re guaranteed to get a good price and if she doesn’t get us what we want we’re not going to pay her a commission basically. With that kind of confidence, how could you go wrong? Exactly! It’s the first real estate agent that I’ve seen ever that will actually guarantee that she would actually get the price that we wanted. She’s confident and she knew the market and she was ready to sell.

It was definitely appealing to us that Jenayah wasn’t just going to open the door and have an open home basically and let everyone come through our home. Knowing that the only people coming through were potential buyers was fantastic and I think everyone that Jenayah brought through, put an offer down. They did, yeah.

So only after about oh, four days, yeah, if that! If that! Jenayah came to us with a couple of offers in hand and she actually got us an offer that was over what we were actually asking for the property. The asking price I think we had was $469,000 and Jenayah brought us within a couple of days an offer of $475,000.

I was stoked when she brought us that offer, like for over our asking price, I mean we were expecting to sell a little bit under our asking price, as you do, but selling over that was just amazing! If you were choosing to sell, typically you would want to choose an agent that wouldn’t charge you as much commission.

So she was costing us a little bit more, but she had guaranteed that sale price for us, and she had promised us that she would get us the best price possible for our house. And her negotiation skills that I had witnessed, were definitely above the rest. We definitely wouldn’t have gotten the asking price for our house or the price that she got us with anyone else, that’s for sure, and she was well worth the extra money.

With another real estate agent, I think we wouldn’t have got anywhere around our asking price. Jenayah is confident, she knows where the market’s at, and she knows how to talk to people. She knows how to make people realise what they are getting and you know, that it could be their dream house. And more importantly, she cares about her sellers. So she cares what price she gets for you.