After two years, and two agents…. Discover how Ally finally sold her property



After two years two agents and handing out a lot of money and lots of frustration… wasted time regarding open house etcetera. I finally got a sale with Jenayah at Hampton Peters. They were amazing! My name is Ally, My property that I sold is in Wynyard… I was with two different agents prior to Hampton Peters I ended up being on the market for over two years and they took an awful lot of money off me to promote my property. So it is very disappointing really when I didn’t get any outcome.

It was very frustrating being on the market and not selling because we did many opens and no shows, and no feedback. When the agent doesn’t get back to you you feel deflated. You put a lot of work and effort into doing an open and presenting your property and then you get nothing in return. Both agents did have a great sales pitch initially and obviously then we signed on the dotted line and handed over the extortionate amount of dollars the first agent we probably parted with nearly three thousand dollars. The second agent was just under five hundred dollars.

Again no feedback it was always negative. They tried to get me to reduce the price of the first agent managed to get me to do that but still no avail and the second agent as well did try. When Jenayah came to see me it was a different story altogether. She was honest and very very calm very helpful. She gave me a good appraisal you know which was the price I actually got from my property. It was the final selling price was the asking price. It was awesome.

It was a lovely surprise. I was expecting a bit in the … But that didn’t occur this time. It was wonderful, I got the price that I wanted. Once Jenayah’s team came on board.

It sold within five six weeks. I think…