Above and beyond selling

Julie sold her home with Jenayah from Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie for over the advertised price. It was a challenging home to sell because it was one of the more expensive areas of Burnie. The team at Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie had to find the right buyer for Julies property and thanks to some thinking outside of the box the team found a great buyer for Julies home. Thank you Julie for sharing your story so others can learn from your experience.

My name is Julie. The property I sold is in Burnie, Tasmania. The agent that sold my property was Jenayah from Hampton Peters. I had another property on the market and I met Jenayah through that. I decided to use Jenayah again to sell my mom’s property and I thought she was wise beyond her years and I struck up a friendship with her. You could trust her to keep confidences and she was just lovely to deal with. I wasn’t really worried because I knew that she would sell it eventually. She was looking for people in the community that she thought might like to buy it.

We had about three or four offers. The person from upstairs in the unit, this block of units, offered about $580,000. The person that bought the property, they didn’t see our property online. Jenayah actually found them through her ways and means, through her community connections.

I thought I would just sit and wait and maybe once every two weeks, I might get a call to say what’s happened, if anything. But I found that Jenayah contacted me at least once a week, told me what was going on and who was going through.

sold above asking priceThe buyer’s son was looking for a house and Jenayah was showing him through a house and his parents came along with him to have a look. Jenayah just mentioned to the parents that there was a unit for sale down on the nice beach front of Burnie. She showed them through my mom’s unit, and they ended up buying it. The price that she offered was substantially more than the people upstairs had made and it was above the asking price as well.

I think she was able to get that price because she actually took time to show her into the unit, and gave her as much time as she wanted in the unit, told her all about the place and the beautiful view. I don’t think she really cared about the price and ended up loving the place,

I’ve got another property on the market as well and Jenayah selling that for me as well. I wouldn’t have asked anybody else to sell it for me.

I trust Jenayah because she’s trustworthy. I’ve known her for a few years now and I know that she doesn’t gossip, not silly and keeps confidence. She’s intelligent and she knows the importance of keeping confidences in a small community. She’s compassionate, got a natural empathy and a lovely person to deal with.

I think Jenayah is a very competent negotiator because she had three offers on my mom’s unit and she managed to negotiate the best price for me, it was above the asking price.

I was happy to go with Jenayah and pay a little bit more because I don’t trust people that say they’re going to give you something for nothing, basically. And you really do get what you pay for. I found that after being in business myself for 30 years.