3 agents in 3 years

Jennifer tried 3 different real estate agents over 3 years and could not sell her home. She then met Jenayah from Hampton Peters Real Estate in Burnie and her home was sold! The team at Hampton Peters were able to sell the home in 4 days for more than the advertised price. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your story so others who are interested in selling can learn from you experience.

My name is Jennifer. The name of the agency that sold my property is Hampton Peters.

The property has been on the market with three different agencies and we really didn’t get hardly anyone to look. We couldn’t sell the property for about three or more years.

We didn’t have open home for inspections because I usually like to be here when somebody comes through and get the feedback. You don’t know the people, so you just like to be here. In case anything happens.

The other agents didn’t work hard enough for me.

We decided to put our house on the market when she explained everything to us. She was excellent and awesome. She just did everything that we wanted to do. She was there, took the phone call and did everything. The other agents just didn’t actually follow up so much. They didn’t show the same interest as Jenayah did. So that’s why I really liked her, the way she dealt with us. Yeah, it was really good.

Jenayah took about four days to sell our house. We were shocked really. We just couldn’t believe that it was really sold.

The price was amazing, Jenayah had done really good and got more than what we asked for. We were really surprised. The other agents, they always want you to bring down your price to get a buyer. But not in this case.

I guess she just put herself out there and went above and beyond on everything. It was excellent what she did for us. I can’t highly recommend her enough.

The price we was advertising the property for was $310,000. Well, when Jenayah gave us a price, yeah, I thought maybe the people will want to knock us down to probably $300,000 or roughly about that. The final selling price was $315,600.

I don’t know how Jenayah did that, but she just did it. I don’t know, she came back with it at four o’clock on a Sunday afternoon and got more for it.

The money we get for selling our home, that’s one good reason, to get into another house. I know she must have put a lot of work into it, Jenayah, because she was just out there and done it all for us. And it didn’t take long, so obviously she’s trained very well.

We paid Jenayah a higher fee because she done the work for us, more than what the other agents would do for us. So we were happy with that.